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Date: 7/17/2016

The Competition Management of the VII Beach Handball World Championship has announced the men’s and women’s All Star Teams of Budapest 2016.


Goalkeeper: #12 Mohsin YAFAI (QAT)
Right Wing: #5 Nailson AMARAL (BRA)
Left Wing: #5 Ivan JURIC (CRO)
Pivot: #24 Attila KUN (HUN)
Specialist: #7 Bruno OLIVEIRA (BRA)
Defender: #3 Hagi TOURE (ESP)
MVP - #5 Ivan JURIC (CRO)

Top Scorer: Anis ZOUAOUI (QAT) - 126 points
Fair Play Award: ESP


Goalkeeper: #1 Regina GULBRANDSEN (NOR)
Right Wing: #6 Raquel CANO (ESP)
Left Wing: #2 Nathalie SENA (BRA)
Pivot: #6 Renata SANTIAGO (BRA)
Specialist: #7 Renata CSIKI (HUN)
Defender: #15 Maria LUISA GARCIA (ESP)
MVP: #3 Camila SOUZA (BRA)

Top Scorer: Fruzsina KRETZ (HUN) - 99 points
Fair Play Award: NOR

In total, by team:

BRA – 5 players
ESP – 3 players
CRO, HUN – 2 players each
NOR, QAT – 1 player each