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Date: 9/10/2014

Since the re-start in 2010, Doha, the capital of Qatar, is for the fifth time host of the IHF Super Globe. One of the strongest shooters in the handball world is participating in this tournament for the fifth time  – Kiril Lazarov. The “gun” from Barcelona has a lot of experience with the Super Globe. As “Methusalem” of the tournament the left handed right back from Macedonia had won the title already two times before.


This is your fifth participation at the Super Globe. Can you tell us something more about the development of this tournament?

Lazarov: The level of the Super Globe is increasing year by year. The clubs from outside Europe are playing better than the years before. It is impossible for the favourite teams to win the matches “easily”. In my opinion this is a real good development.


Your team FC Barcelona is defending champion. Personally you are the strongest shooter all over the world – world record holder as top scorer at World and European Championships. But you never won the top scorer title at a Super Globe. What is your main goal this year?

Lazarov: First of all: I like to shoot goals. But handball is a team sport. So the answer is really clear. To defend the title is our main goal at this tournament. And it is not the most important question if I shoot the goals or if my colleagues do it. The title “top scorer” is nice but nothing more.


In 2010 you were playing here for the team Al-Sadd. Is it a special experience for a player from Europe to play in a non-European team?

Lazarov: handball is played all over the world with the same rules. But it is correct – some internal processes are a little bit different. In this regard it was a new experience. But during all matches, all training sessions and during the time between the games we were working together in a friendly atmosphere. I really gladly remember this tournament.


Finally you were awarded the Most Valuable Player in 2010. This was not your last international title. But this year your team missed the European Champions League title against Flensburg-Handewitt. Is the upcoming match against the Germans a little revenge?

Lazarov: Perhaps you remember: 55 minutes it looked like, as we are the winners of the Champions League final. But at the end Flensburg got the cup. Everybody could see that we were not happy about this situation. But this here is an another tournament. And perhaps we will have the chance to demonstrate our strength. In the end our main goal is to win the Super Globe.