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Date: 9/11/2014

Al-Ahli Sports Club (QAT) vs. Esperance Tunis (TUN) 22:38 (10:16)

Handebol Taubaté (BRA) vs. Sydney University HC (AUS) 23:15 (11:7)


African Club Champion Esperance Tunis and Handebol Taubaté from Brazil reached the placement matches for the fifth place at the IHF Super Globe 2014 in Doha. It was an easy victory for both winning teams. On the first game Tunis dominated the match from the beginning on. Only after the break there was a short difficult period for ten minutes long, when the Al-Ahli club changed his defence. But the better physical conditions decided after this interruption the match finally and with a lot of fast breaks Tunis scored goal by goal to reach a clear victory. The victory of Taubaté was in the end also a clear one but the Brazilians had to work during 20 minutes quiet hard to break the resistance of underdog Sydney. The Aussies fought on eye level during the first 15 minutes. But at the end of the first half the team of coach Phillip Enders performed with less power – Taubaté scored the goals and took the lead after 30 minutes with 11:7. The second half was easy for the team of the Sugar loaf mountain – the semi-professionals from Sydney were not strong enough to bring the favourites in any trouble. Taubaté and Tunis will play for the fifth rank tomorrow. Sydney and Al-Ahli fought for their first victory in this tournament.


Nejib Ben Thayer (coach from Tunis): We underlined at the preparation for this match that we were coming to Doha to reach the semi-final. Unfortunately we missed our main goal due to our problems on Saturday, when we lost against Al-Sadd. Now is our goal to win three matches and finalize the competition we can build on. Today our defence was good from the beginning and the fitness was on our favour.

Mami Jilani (player from Tunis): After our disappointment against Al-Sadd we play better and better. We consolidated our defence. Now the matches are good preparations for the African Champions League too. Tomorrow we will win also the last match.

Mihailo Radosavjevic (coach from Al-Ahli): It was a very very bad game from our side. But Tunis was a tough competitor, which could play on a high level both half times long. We changed our defence after the break but the benefit was only for some minutes. Than we must accept that we have not players enough for a rotation. Now we have to wait for our first victory to the last match.

Bejaoui Hafedh (player from Al-Ahli): Congratulation to Tunis. They were better today from the very beginning on. We found no solution to attack successfully. One of the reasons is the sickness of our head-coach Hafedu Zowqbi who cannot coach us since some days. He has big problems with his back.

Marcus Oliveira (coach from Taubaté): Both teams are a little bit tired today. Finally we won the match and I have to congratulate my team.  

Guilherme Oliveira (player from Taubaté): This was not our best match. Now we will prepare for the last game against Tunis and we will see what will happen.

Philipp Enders (coach from Sydney): We made a good show against a strong team. Taubaté was playing strong with speed, with good shooters. 23 goals are a good result for our defence but only 15 goals for us not enough to win a match.

Renato Tupan Rui (player from Sydney): We lost too many shots. If we scored we could change the history of the match but we are not strong enough. I have to congratulate the Brazlians.