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Date: 9/11/2014

Al-Sadd Sports Club (QAT) vs. SG Flensburg-Handewitt (GER) 27:26 (11:17)

Sensation for the host in Doha and an unsuccessful premiere: At their first participation at the IHF Super Globe, SG Flensburg-Handewitt missed the finale. The German favourite lost the semi-final match against host Al-Sadd Sports Club with 26:27. For the team from Qatar it was a sensational success.


The European Champions League winner from this year had difficulties against the brave fighting Qataris during the second half. It was a match with ups and downs for both teams. Flensburg played concentrated from the very beginning on and took the lead. Al-Sadd performed too nervous during the first 30 minutes. The 17:11 lead was the logical result of a strong first half of the favourites. The first minutes after the break the match was still equal, but step by step the host went on playing better and with an excellent team spirit, a lot of emotions, hard actions and a strong heart. Flensburg lost its line and Al-Sadd caught up. The Germans looked like as they would become the winners after 40 minutes but 10 minutes before the end, the match was reopened.  From than on both teams fought on eye level and the match became very exciting. Al-Sadd reached a draw after 52 minutes (23:23) and was on the way to win the match three minutes before the end, when the team scored to a 26:25- and 27:26-leadership. Flensburg fought but missed the chance to equalize. Al-Sadd goal-keeper Abdelmalik Slahdji saved a 7-meter-penalty shoot from Flensburg’s Anders Eggert. Finally the Germans made a technical mistake and Al-Sadd cheered.

Mongi Bananni (coach from Al-Sadd):  We had a strategy. It was not without risk but it worked. Our 3-3 defence was the key together with the outstanding performance of our goalkeepers. Thanks to the team for the effort.

Jafaar Salman (player from Al-Sadd): We are able to implement what the coach was saying to us. So we could manage the tactic. I’m very proud. Flensburg is a great team with outstanding players. Now we will see what will happen in the final.

Ljubomir Vranjes (coach from Flensburg): Congratulations to Al-Sadd. Our first half was good, for the moment it is impossible to realise what happened during the second half. Let me say this: We did our best and everything to win this match but it was not easy to win.

Lasse Svan (player from Flensburg): Our first half was good. Everything worked perfectly: Goalkeeper, defence, fast-break, offence. We looked like the winners. But everybody saw the second half time. Congratulations to Al-Sadd, good luck for the final.