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Date: 9/12/2014

Al-Sadd Sports Club vs. FC Barcelona 26:34 (14:16)

Spanish star ensemble FC Barcelona is the winner of the IHF Super Globe 2014. The team from the Iberian Peninsula defended its title from the last year and won the trophy for the second time. Host Al-Sadd Sports Club was a strong competitor but finally the favourite won sovereignly.

Barcelona started into the match like a rocket, took the lead with 3:0 and dominated the first few minutes. But Al-Sadd was not shocked, performed better and found a way back into the match. The host reduced the difference of goals and achieved in the meantime a draw. But it was not enough to make the favourite nervous. Barcelona took the lead for the second time, Al-Sadd followed in a two- or three-goals-distance.

After the break the underdog started well into the second half, scored and defended on eye level with the European competitor. But after five minutes the brave Qataris lost their performance for some moments and the ice-cold Iberians came to some fast-breaks and a leadership with 24:19 after 42 minutes. And the “refrigerators” stayed cool. Barcelona enlarged the difference goal by goal. It was more than only a pre-decision when the defending champion took the lead with ten goals ten minutes before the final signal. The champion hold, what its name promised. FC Barcelona won the IHF Super Globe for a second time. The title was honoured with a 400.000 $ cheque and a big trophy. For the Catalonians it is one success more in their long and glorious history. For Al-Sadd it was a big success to stay in the final. And especially at the first 40 minutes the host was a nearly equal competitor. 

Xavier Pascual (Coach FC Barcelona): Al Sadd was a strong competitor in the final. We are happy that we could win this title. We played better from day to day and today we performed really nice.

Victor Tomas (Player FC Barcelona): I am very proud. It is important to defend the title. To win here was very difficult. Our competitors played better every year. 

Mongi Bannani (Coach Al Sadd): Barcelona has an outstanding team. It was clear for everybody that they are the favorite for the title. My team played very well, especially in the first half. After the break Barcelona performed with more fitness and higher concentration. I have to thank my team for the second place in this great tournament. 

Mario Tomic (Player Al Sadd): We are proud. We won the matches against the European and African Club Champion. It was a good week for my team. We will try to be better next year.