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Date: 7/12/2008

 Clear signals of who will make through to the main round were shown on Match Day 2 of the Women's Youth World Championship taking place in Bratislava.

In Group A, you could witness an odd running of the match between favourites Russia and Pan-America's underdogs from Puerto Rico who, however, managed to keep up with Russia to obtain one-goal difference at half-time. Only after changing ends the Russians gathered their thoughts to rush ahead. Between minute ‘38 and '47 they scored 11 goals in a row to secure the well expected victory. Russian Ekatarina Yatshenko scored 9 goals to become her side's top scorer and to celebrate her team's qualification for the main round. The second match also caught the spectators' attention when Denmark and the Netherlands went neck-to-neck quite a long time to change ends at 14:14. But in the second half the Danish girls proved that they had well recovered from their opening defeat to obtain a final five-goal margin. In tomorrow's match against Puerto Rico they will still have the chance of going ahead to the main round.

Host Slovakia soared to a rather mythical win over Asian representatives Qatar in Group B (56:7) to remain unbeaten before tomorrow's clash with Korea that did not show any sign of weakness in their match against Tunisia (46:30). Both sides will struggle for the top position tomorrow with host hoping for support from their home crowd.

Spain brought themselves under pressure in Group C when conceding their opening defeat against Serbia so they had to improve in the second game and that's what they did. They quickly gained a five-goal lead they never gave out of hands. Argentina fought bravely but had to admit that they haven't yet obtained the level of the Spaniards. Top-ranked Serbia already booked their ticket to the main round when soaring to a trouble-free win over Japan who remained without a single victory.

A thrilling and impressing game was going on in Group D between African representatives Angola and South American side Brazil. Angola put much enthusiasm and intensity to manage a five-goal lead in the first half but Brazil equalised to a 9:9 draw at half-time. The second half saw a tight match with the lucky end for the Angolan girls who snatched away the victory to keep their good chance of making through to the next phase whereas France's victory over Hong Kong already brought them their ticket to the main round.

Tomorrow's third preliminary match day will establish the remaining qualifiers for the main round.