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Date: 2/7/2019

‘Ready Steady Tokyo’

After confirmation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games handball test event which will take place from 21-24 November 2019, the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) has revealed the name to be used to brand all of the Tokyo 2020 test events.


‘Ready Steady Tokyo’, deriving from the “ready, steady, go!” command used to start a race, is the name for all 56 events which give organisers and the Japanese public the opportunity to experience sporting events in the Olympic venues, in some cases for the first time, as well as a glimpse of the world’s best athletes in the various Olympic disciplines, including potential Olympic competitors.


Most of the test events will be held in three waves. The first will focus on outdoor sports with events due to be held between July and September 2019. The second wave, including handball, will be focused on indoor sports and will be held from October 2019 to February 2020. The third series will take place between March and May 2020, with organisers primarily focusing on establishing and confirming communications and reporting lines in the final events.


Handball will be Tokyo 2020’s 35th test event, consisting of the ‘Japan Cup 2019’ and part of the 71st Japan Men’s Handball Championship, both held at the Yoyogi National Stadium.


For details of the full Tokyo 2020 test event schedule, please visit HERE.


In addition to the test event news, there have been some further Tokyo 2020 updates…


Denmark men fifth confirmed team in Tokyo 2020 handball competitions

By winning the 26th IHF Men’s World Championship (Germany/Denmark 2019) last month, Denmark’s men joined the French and Angolan women – winners of the 2018 EHF EURO and CAHB Women’s African Championship respectively – in confirming their place at the Games next year, alongside both the Japanese men’s and women’s teams as hosts.


Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournaments

Spain confirmed the seventh and last spot from Germany/Denmark 2019 through to the Men’s Olympic Qualification Tournaments which will be held in April 2020. Further information HERE.


Tokyo 2020 Volunteers: The Field Cast and The City Cast

Following the registration deadline for the Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Programme, TOCOG revealed 204,680 applications had been received from teenagers to those in their 80s. 64% were female and 36% male, the same split between those with Japanese nationality and non-Japanese.


Interviews and orientation sessions for applicants residing in Japan will commence this month, with general training following in October 2019. Orientation for successful overseas applicants will be held between March and July 2019 via video calls, with training to follow from June 2020.


Last week Tokyo 2020 unveiled the names that have been selected for the teams of Tokyo 2020 volunteers and staff who will provide support during the operation of the Games. Games Volunteers will be known as the ‘Field Cast’ and City Volunteers will be named the ‘City Cast’.


“We are pleased to have received so many applications,” said Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto. “We appreciate applicants' understanding of the purpose of the Volunteer Programme and of our Tokyo 2020 vision and will be providing various programmes as part of the orientation and training process to support and engage them before, during and after the Games.


“We believe that each volunteer is essential to the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games. We will continue our preparations so that all Games volunteers and staff will grow to love and be proud of these names and will help in leading to the success of the Games.”


IOC President continues support of Unified Korea

After IOC President Thomas Bach witnessed the successful appearance of the Unified Team of Korea at Germany/Denmark 2019, he re-affirmed the IOC’s commitment to the peace process between North and South Korea, a year on from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, held in Pyeongchang, with talks between the IOC and the two national Olympic Committees due to continue this week.


“We have seen that the Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018 opened the doors for political talks, and since then different summits have been taking place,” he said. “The two leaders from South Korea President Moon and from North Korea Chairman Kim have asked us to continue to support their talks of rapprochement through actions in sport, and this is what we are doing. We will meet the two governments and the two National Olympic Committees to see how the IOC can contribute to peace on the Korean peninsula and in the world.”


The next issue of World Handball Magazine looks at the future of a Unified Team of Korea with team manager at Germany/Denmark 2019, John Yoon exclusively revealing discussions are ongoing.


“The last time we said goodbye to them (North Korea delegation) in Denmark we felt a very different feeling,” he said. “We thought about the situation of the divided Korean Peninsula seriously. Some people say you cannot use sports for politics, but it is wrong – sport can make history.


“As for what’s next, at this moment we cannot give a clear answer to this question. But following this event, the Korea Olympic Committee and each individual sport are talking about this matter carefully for the next Olympic Games, and because we have become aware of value of the unified team, it will be handled positively.”